Become a LMS-Nordic Partner

The LMS-Nordic network is under rapid expansion and the present economic climate has led to a strong demand for our services worldwide. Many of our clients are global companies with production sites all over the world. As a LMS-Nordic partner you get:

  • Access – the world’s most comprehensive system for leakage management.
  • Access – to logistic solutions that ensure an efficient and timely supply of parts.
  • Access – to an energy saving service that allows you entry to major clients.
  • Access – to know-how and experience from more than 9000 projects.
  • Access – to training and marketing worldwide.
  • Access – to compressed air training on-line courses for your clients.
  • Access – to an international network of compressed air know-how.

The LMS-Nordic philosophy is to provide the most effective leakage management (LEAQS) and optimisation services available through national and local service partners.

If you are prepared to seriously commit to establishing a leakage management organisation in your local market, then please e-mail us
at with a short description of your company and we will forward more detailed information about the concept and terms & conditions for joining.