If lack of know-how is the problem - what is the solution?

The most underestimated measure !

Lack of training is the main cause of  misuse of compressed air. The logical deduction is that training is the solution. Yet compressed air training remains the most underestimated cost effective measure you can do in an energy saving program. Make the true cost of wasting air and its environmental impact known to your operators and staff. After training,  they become an immediate source for energy saving actions. In fact, a US study from the Compressed Air Challenge showed that compressed air training gave a return of eigthy dollars for every invested dollar.  Try the course, it will take you 25-30 minutes and put you and your company right on the path to energy- and CO2 reductions.

On-line training & ISO 50001 specialists

For compressed air responsible,  understanding the factors that drive compressed air costs is essential in starting energy saving projects. Compressed air is a complex media that requires impartial training in order to succeed. The basic principles of compressed air, cost factors, dimensioning and general guidelines is probably the best investment you can make. It is also a pre-requisite for evaluating other actions you need to do in your compressed air system. Enersize conduct compressed air seminars and on-site courses in various countries. We are also specialists in implementing compressed air management systems and improving ISO 500001.

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