The LEAQS System will save you energy and the environment

If you want to achieve verified energy savings in your compressed air system it requires an overall view of all the parameters that affect results. Compressed air is a complex media to manage. Every single action you do in the system affects another. That is why we work to assist our clients by addressing all the issues in order to achieve maximum results.

The LEAQS system is the world’s most used system for leakage detection, project management, logistics and repair with close to 9000 fully documented projects. However, we do not work with estimations, our customers can expect more. We provide monitoring & surveillance strategies and systems to verify and maintain your kWh savings.  It not only protects your investments but will increase reliability of your compressed air system.  Not surprisingly also to production increases. We work with the world’s leading corporations in virtually all types of industry.

Contact us for a presentation of how we can reduce your compressed air consumption and CO2 emissions permanently. Why give your competition an edge?