Monitoring & Surveillance is critical for (good) decision making

What happens if your biggest compressor breaks down ?

If your biggest compressor breaks down, do you have enough back up capacity to maintain production? This is usually our first question in evaluating the current status in a system. Surprisingly, many companies do not know and in fact, many do not have sufficient back up to guarantee production in such an event.  Without measuring data,  good decisions are simply impossible.  Investing in more compressor capacity may appear to solve the problem but many times the investment could have been avoided completely.

Can you manage a system without necessary data?

Managing a compressed air system without measurement data is quite a risk considering that without compressed air your production will simply stop. With that in mind, it is surprising that less than 10% of companies monitor its use. Critical levels and quality of compressed air depend on guesswork on matters that can shut down an entire factory. Problems, inefficiencies and information indicating  potential break-downs need to be identified . Do it well ahead of time and you will reduce or eliminate the risk of complete shutdowns.

Take control of both the production and consumption by monitoring its use, cost and pressure development.  It also means that you can verify and visualise the various actions, improvements and the savings you make in the system.

Is collecting system data expensive?

A permanent monitoring system will for the majority of companies cost less than a few days of leakages. Treat compressed air as you would any other expense or utilitiy.  Set a standard for it´s use and cost, it is the only way to seriously affect the consumption and efficiency. At Enersize we help you from providing the most effective monitoring strategy. From installation until the system automatically generates the reporting you need.  As a result, you will not only save compressed air and CO2 but your system will be compliant with EU energy directives and ISO 50001.

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